Simple & Effective Tips for Wedding Makeup

Simple & Effective Tips for Wedding Makeup  (2)Today we ‘ll show you simple and unique make tips for wedding.
Bridal makeup depends on the season of marriage; in winter, the colors you choose will be specific: do not miss our makeup tips for a successful winter. However, if you are getting married in winter, here are some tips for you to know what the trends are in this time of year to guide you.
Simple & Effective Tips for Wedding Makeup  (1)

1) In winter, brides often wear a suit cover, but no less beautiful so far! On the other hand, must be careful not to do too much makeup: in winter, the composition tends to be more discreet than in summer. The colors of choice for this time of year are undoubtedly pale pink, sky blue, purple, violet, silver and black.

2) The products used are preferably transparent, shiny or iridescent. Therefore, to avoid mats, pastel and dark thick lines and colors.

3) If you have the habit of applying makeup you on a daily basis and would like something more daring in their wedding day, you can bet shades of gray, blue, purple, black, gold or copper.

4) For lips, if your skin is quite clear, opt for natural tones. If your skin is dull, you can choose colors more marked as the bright red or burgundy.

5) The most important is that you choose a makeup according to your style, your dress and your wedding theme feel beautiful and comfortable.

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