Shahnameh Safar-e-Hayat Gents Wear Eid Variety 2014-15

Shahnameh Safar-e-Hayat Gents Wear Eid Variety 2014-15 (2)
Shahnameh Winter Festival and Eid Collection 2014 for men. Wear Site by the rich traditions and celebrations of the nobility, courage and generosity set in the jewel of ancient Persian literature, Shahnameh or Epic of Kings, is a single brand entity created by the Chamber of SEFAM to meet high aesthetics, sartorial sensibilities of conscious male oriental dynamic and quality. He noted that traditional kurtas today are so much admired-western suits for men in Pakistan. Many men are highlighting its enormous importance of deliberation to reach a decision with Kurta base configuration that usually appears looking amazing. When in Pakistan there seem any religious occasion, then every man to use conformists dresses and Kurta is the excellent choice among men in general, on the day of Eid
Therefore, on this occasion, Shahnameh has just begun “Shahnameh Safar-e-Hayat Men’s Dresses Eid Arrivals 2014-15”, for men today however, having in mind the happy occasion of Eid-al-Adha, establishing Shahnameh has launched this collection. Each kurta have better contrast like yellow, red, orange, white, black, blue, pink with black and white shalwar. Some kurta has embroidered logo on front of shirt. This collection is the best choice for gifts Eid. Let’s take a look at Shahnameh Knights bring Eid collection 2014-15 Festival.

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