Gul Ahmed Winter Suits Dresses Collection for Women 2015-16

gul ahmed winter collection

Today introducing fresh collection of Gul Ahmed winter dresses and suits for women 2015-16. Gul Ahmed has to possess material except flashy dresses for cold winter season, all the dresses are adorned with attractive embroidery on the front of the shirts and beautiful designs on the back of shirts and tops, all shirts have their specific style, fashionable view and the newest fashion and style trends.

That’s not sufficient, with this splendid tee; Silk wool scarf is stunning mixture of this collection that are not only safe, that the season of cold winter weather, but also keep the fashion character. You can use this collection in several colors, containing black, castle, dark blue, red and green to bring complete. Gul Ahmed Winter Collection in merino wool silk, both ranges have two gorgeous traps, up-to-date design, with bright prints and schemes.

This assortment contains dupatta also nice looking dresses with lovely patterns, embroidery and amazing arrangements modern skills and fashions as well as excellent silk velvet. in this assortment of t-shirts and embroidered shirts good and some are printed only, and some are available with changed embroidery cover on the neck and down on shirts, this compilation have also contain various exciting colors, violet, black, Mehandi, marine , dark green, dark purple olive -and-, following are the details of each dress in Gul Ahmed winter dresses suits collection 2015-16.

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