Bridal Mehndi Dresses Collection 2014-2015

Bridal-mehndi-dresses-collection-2014-15Fashion-Mover1 (1)

Mehndi(Rasme-henna) is very important now a days in Asian wedding. used especially in Pakistan bridal wear yellow, green or combinations of red dresses Mahndi event.Bridal also wants to look as beautiful and also want to wear those dresses that make it so attractive.Ans also bridal also look so beautiful with yellow dresses. Therefore, as such also not heavy dresses with embroidery.

Here in this post also shows you some pictures of the mahndi wearing beautiful hand work and decorated with laces and stones.hey use more than 3 colors in one dress . These dresses looks more beautiful in very unique combination. Girls usually want to wear pajamas Churi Daar, shararas, qameez shalwar, long shirts, Anarkali dresses, long frocks.we van t present some very beautiful and unique dresses for Mehndi event. All these dresses can also be seen in this post as follows:

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