Borjan Exclusive Eid Footwear Variety For Girls 2014-15

Borjan Exclusive Eid Footwear Variety For Girls 2014-15  (5)

Exclusive women footwear assortment for 2014-15 has been released by Borjan.
is one of the known brands of shoes fashion and Pakistani leaders worldwide. Borjan is now one of the leading and top shoe with 73 outlets in 47 cities of Pakistan.
This brand is famous for the only known kitchen designs shoes. Borjan has introduced many collections for men, women and children. Girls wear Latest Eid Shoes Collection 2014 by Borjan is better for fashion lovers of all ages.

All shoes eid designs in this collection have been recognized with decoration day, fighting, pins and cords. Borjan provides many kinds of high-heeled shoes, such as, flat shoes and many more types. We at Borjan believe that your shoes should reflect your personality, and have spent the last 17 years with beautifully crafted shoes,,, radical urban style with our clientele, both sexes in Pakistan. Choose soft top great leather, soothing pillow cover and ultra lightweight plants and feet will feel and look great all day extended.

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